24 September 2008

Typhoon Hagupit - A wet and wild night

This is the track of the latest typhoon to zoom past Hong Kong yesterday. Typhoon Hagupit was the third typhoon in the last two months to come our way. Pictures courtesy of the Hong Kong observatory. However unlike other countries who shall remain nameless, we all simply got on with it and did not turn it into international news. OK it did not directly hit Hong Kong but it did (as do most) come quite close. Close enough to close the stock exchange, all schools, banks and ferries and in fact send everyone home from work. No national guard call out though!

This one, on 23 Aug 08, typhoon Nuri was a direct hit and went to typhoon level 10.
And this one, Typhoon Kammuri, on 08 Aug 08 had so much fun it hit land ran down the cosat of China towards Vietnam causing chaos as it went and then turned around and came back on itself before eventually calming down.

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