13 September 2008

Man Kok Tsui - Off with the Roof!!!

We spent Saturday knocking down the wooden roof structure at Man Kok Tsui. Hot and very dirty work but quite rewarding. We had been hiding from this task (or at least I had been) as I had no idea how easy or difficult it would. It turned out to be a doddle.

The roof was made of large 8 x 4 feet sheets of wood, covered with bitumen felt and then netting. We ripped off the netting and then used crow bars to pry the sheets up from the supports. The bitumen was so degraded it just ripped away. Once the roof was off we set about the beams and legs. Sorry no technical terms.

After much grunting and puffing we eventually finished the job in time to have an hour on the beach with the boys and the dog before jumping in the boat back to civilization.

Obviously and before anyone mentions it, the reason I am not in the pictures is I was taking them! . We think removing the roof has done a lot to reveal how much potential the place has. Next will be the wriggly tin affair on the left side of the house.


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