15 September 2008

Disneyland - Hmmmmm

Today we took the boys to Disneyland Hong Kong. We must have been mad. 90 degrees plus and completely cloudless skies. The boys of course were oblivious to the heat and the crowds and just in awe at all the rides and toys and ice creams and rides and toys and ice creams and rides and toys and ice creams. Although children love it, hot and irritable parents are less forgiving when forced to stand in line for an hour and a half to go on a five minute ride of Winnie the Pooh's hunney pot.

You know, actually its not that child friendly a place. They make barriers at the ride queues that just scream to children "climb on me." And the poor attendants spend most of their time runnning up and down the line telling kids to stop climbing them. The answer is (in my synical world) to either make more rides so the kids do not have to queue so long or bring out some distractions, (TV screens with cartoons, actors dressed in character, etc.) and make the barriers less attractive to bored chidlren. Hey ho.

Oh and while I am busy slating Disneyland management I suppose I should add that its great to be able to get food quickly but its not much use when you find there are not enough tables and chairs to sit on. Try explaining to a three year old and a five year old why they cannot have their pizza shaped like Mickey Mouse for twenty minutes while you stalk around the between the diners, silently pressuring some other overheated parent to gobble down the food and vacate the tables. It got me all antsy but the kids still ate the pizza even if it was soggy and cold.

Anyhow, I still got to level 5 on the Buzz Lightyear ride, which is four levels higher than most of the other five year olds who were sitting around me. Who said military training was not useful!

I'm off to bed, I am obviously too tired to be positive about anything.

Night all


kie said...

Level 5....amateur!

Trying to contact you...KBH

Anonymous said...

The best website ever, well done