11 September 2008

Man Kok Tsui - The renovations

As some may or may not know we have begun to renovate our little house at Man Kok Tsui. The house is not quite visible in these pictures as the trees were not pruned back when these photos were taken. You will have to take out word for it when we say it is between the two houses you can see or why not look it up on google earh, here are the coordinates: North and East

At the moment the house is completely empty and we are awaiting the local government to tell us what action if any they are planning to take regarding the slope behind the house itself. As the back wall of the house is now touching the toe of the slope we are hoping that the government will come along and dig the slope back to where it shoud be.

We do not have any decent photos of the house itself yet but we will do soon and as soon as we do we will stick 'em up here. To give you an idea of how remote the place is I have added some pictures showing the beach and pier. Basically the only way to get to the house unless you prefer a 45 minute hike along the coast path.

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