26 July 2009

Snakes alive - This time a Burmese Python

Amazing, utterly amazing. We must have now seen nearly all species of snakes there are to see in Hong Kong and all within 50 yards fo our front door steps.

On Friday a 2m plus python was discovered in the neighbour's chicken coop. The snake had somehow slithered in and helped itself to a plump chicken. Photos coming when extracted from the mobile phone. How do we know how long it was? Read on. ..

Sadly though, the snake's appearance was less than welcome by our neighbour and before we had a chance to intervene and rescue the snake, the neighbors stepped in and smacked the ppor creature on the back of its head with a very large and rather sharp garden hoe. Suffice to say, the blow killed the snake and the chicken had been well and truly choked.

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