18 July 2009

Humpback whale in Hong Kong - And not in a restaurant!

After writing about the HK dolphin watch and the pink dolphins of Hong Kong I remembered that earlier this year a humpback whale was spotted in Hong Kong, the first time one has ever been seen here. These pictures are from the HK Standard newspaper and were taken in the Lamma Channel., one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. Noone knows why the whale appeared as normally they travel in groups. This one was over thrity feet long. It was here for two or three days then simply vanished. On the Google earth map I have marked up in yellow the shipping lane in which the whale was seen. If you look up this location on Google Earth and zoom in you will see how much shipping is moving around that area. According to the Marine Department, one maor container ship enters the Lamma Channel every fifteen minutes.

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