22 July 2009

Campaign for Mui Wo Secondary School to be re-opened

Mui Wo Secondary school closed back in 2007 or so, mostly due to a lack of local support and a lack of population. The school was apparently poorly managed with some 18 head teachers in nearly as many years. With insufficient students to fulfill the quota the school was mothballed and has remained unused ever since.

Since then there have been a few attempts by various private enterprises to obtain the use of the school and make it into a going concern. All so far have fallen on deaf ears but recently a local drug rehabilitation centre has come close to obtaining governmental permission to use the school as an educational / rehabilitation centre / boarding school.

Local opposition has been loud and at times rather unruly which naturally has attracted adverse publicity for thos opposing the proposal and conversely attracting positive publicity for the applicant. Opposition has been in some cases through fear of the centre being the catalyst to some huge local crime epidemic but mostly due to the fact that the government are seemingly looking favourably on this application yet have no plans afoot to address the local secondary educational needs. The nearest secondary schools are either on Hong Kong Island or an hour's bus journey to Tung Chung. Should the centre application succeed there is strong belief that any chances of a secondary school will be gone for ever.

Anyhow to cut a long story short, local desire to re-open the school as a school (for which it is and remains a purpose built establishment) has been spurred on by the fear that the drug centre application may succeed. In fact there is a growing local population and the need for a school is real and actual. As part of the drive to promote the forthcoming application to re-open the school the primary school students and local art classes were enlisted to draw up posters asking for the school to be re-opened and their finished art has now been hung up outside the main ferry terminal so that all passangers can see their work. Here is Arthur proudly pointing to his poster.

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