08 December 2014

Fin Swimming - last competition for 2014shn

The Silvery Sharks Fin Swimming Club had a great final competition of the year with some great races and lots of medals being won.   Some of the younger swimmers really showed how much their fitness has improved and have the medals to show for it but Arthur and Matthew learned some very tough lessons.

1. Count your laps carefully and do not stop too early, (Matthew 400m)
2. Make sure you touch the timing board when you finish or your time keeps on rolling. (Arthur 400m)

Arthur had seven races in all some of which he was competing two age groups high than his age. He won gold in the 100m and knocked 4 seconds off his China time.   The jury is out on that one though.  Some great swimming by Ivan and LD and the little water flea, Kaa Fai all of whom slowly wore Arthur down in the 200m mono fin race to push him out of the medals.    Kara fair literally streaked ahead to win gold, followed by Ivan and LD then Arthur.   Well done boys, it was one of the most exiting races to watch and you all deserve your medals.    

Matthew missed a clear place in the 400m (see lesson 2 above).  He was five seconds clear and swam like a demon to catch up but did not quite make it. He earned a bronze for his efforts in the 200m though and a gold for the 4 x 50m relay.

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