30 December 2014

Enter Ken & Dierdre

It never rains but it pours.   No sooner had we sorted out the lonesome cockatiel, Douglas with a wife when an advert appears in the local online rag for two more cockatiels looking for a new home.

One Lutino female and one pearl male apparently but both less than a year old.   They are a little too young to breed but it would be fun to have a few eggs.   Why Ken & Deirdre?   They came from Kennedy Town in Hong Kong.   The owners believed the Lutino was a male and they then went and bought a so called female from the bird market in Kowloon.  Since they have been in the flight it seems the birds are either two males or the Lutino is a female but for sure the Pearl is a male.

Ken (left), Douglas (right) & Deirdre (rear)

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