07 October 2012

Pond Digging Time

Although it doesn't look like much what we have here is the Lantau equivalent of the Peckham Spring! (a la only fools and horses).
It actually is a natural spring and the water seeps out of the rock face.
This pond was about 1 foot deep with about 2 feet of thick mud.
After tipping the water out with buckets and having our toes bitten by the fresh water crabs, some of which were a fair old size we got down to the gloop.  A few hours later and the pond is as close to its original shape as we can figure.  There are four more ponds to sort out!!!!!!

And what we have here is the newly cleared stream bed at the bottom of the garden.   Thank you Mr. Government for doing this for us!    Next some gabion walls to stop the sides collapsing, a little bit of digging and hey presto we should have a fully functioning stream.

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