09 September 2012

Man Kok Tsui towards Hong Kong

Heard some sad news today.    A work pal in UK on his way home from work had to learn from his daughter that his wife was gone.  He had spoken to her on the phone earlier in the afternoon and everything was normal.  By the time he reached home his whole world had been turned upside down.  I cannot imagine how he and his children must be feeling.   How would I cope if it were to happen to me?   I have absolutely no idea.   I just know I would be devastated as I am sure he is today.    

How is it and what is it that makes some people tick along I wonder?   The proud gent in the pictures is in his nineties, yes, nineties and just keeps on trucking.   He lives a simple life and always has a smile and time for anyone who cares to give him time.  He clambered into the boat from the pier virtually unaided and was telling jokes and larking about with the boys as the boat bounced over the waves.  Where is he going?   To his younger sister's funeral.   OK he's a bit mutt and jeff but other than that he's as fit as a fiddle.   It all makes me wonder about what is actually important and what is just irrelevant.   Be brave Jonny!


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