26 April 2011

Pictures from Easter 2011 at Man Kok Tsui

A glorious weekend of weeding, weeding, tree cutting, blisters and snoozing in the hammock.  The boys spent the majority of the weekend relaxing in the shade or plugged into their DS game thingys while Nuch and I did the manual labour.  I tried my hand at tree husbandry and set about felling some saplings with a machete.  It all was going very well until I failed to notice the telephone cable that was straining under the weight of the branches I was chopping down.  Yep it snapped eventuially but amazingly I was able to tie it all back together and all the phones work!  Animal wise we only encountered one small snake which is quite surprizing as the weather was warm and they would have all been fully charged up and active.  A harmless white spotted slug snake by all accounts but noone was prepared to pick it up.   After looking it up in our book of snakes to make sure it was harmless it was released back into the garden to continue terrorising slugs I guess.  

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