28 January 2011

The renovations continue

This month will see a big leap forward for our little house.  All the electrics will be completed.  All the plumbing will be completed and all our savings will be depleted!   All we have to do now is clean up the paintwork (thank you electricians and plumbers) chuck in some furniture and sit back and relax.  

Not all true actually.   The potable water connection will take some time as the wheels of burocracy churn slowly.  We now have the mountain water piped in from the "clean" well, so we can at least flush the loo etc.  Once the water services department trot along and add in their meter we will have potable water to the kitchen and the bathroom.  Alas we still need to wait for the electricity board to also trot on over and reconnect our shiny new 3 phase circuits.   Once they have done that we can all make use of a rather fine electric water heater.   A hot shower!!!!!!.   A shave with hot water!!!!!!   Oh joy, oh joy.

Any how pictures to follow once we have tidied up a bit more.

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