28 January 2011

Birds we have oggled this month at Man Kok Tsui

Two buzzards (possibly paired) soaring.
A very fast peregrine falcon that screamed as it flew round and round in circles over one of the headlands
Possibly a buzzard being mobbed by a crow

Also two kingfishers and loads of blackbirds (Not the same as UK versions).  Spring seems to be early this year for the migrations.  Maybe I need to start looking at getting a decent camera to sanp the smaller birds too.

Oh yes and Nipper the dog discovered her terrier instincts when she was introduced to a rat that had been caught in next doors rat rap.   It took her a while to work out what to do, she knew she was meant to do something but the sly old rat kept stopping moving which seemed to phase the dog.  Once the rat mad a dash for cover, it was the last thing it shold have done.......

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