13 September 2010

Lightning never strikes twice (we hope)

Last week we had some pretty severe thunderstorms.  What we did not realise is that our little house had house had been the victim of a lightning strike.   When we arrived there yesterday it only became obvious when we opened the fridge.  The aroma of rotting food was rather piquant to say the least.   Anyhow, we checked the fuse box and all the fuses were in the right place.  We tripped the fuse box and nothing happened.  We reset the fuse box and nothing happened.  We checked the meter outside and could see it was not moving but other than that all seemed fine.  So we called the China Light and Power company.  Can you believe it.  They sent two workers to check the line who arrived within two hours.  Amazing, a Sunday and they had walked out from Mui Wo carrying all their gear in a rucksack.   Any how, pleased as we were to see them, they announced that the power was fine up to and including the meter so any fault further on was up to us to sort out.  Knowing nothing about electricity we stood there open mouthed, so they took pity on us and traced the fault to a circuit breaker or something that had been fried.   All we have to do now is find a commercial electrician who can come and suck air through his teeth, give us an estimate, over charge us and then fix the damn thing.  Ah well, they say lightning never strikes twice.  Maybe we need to think about a lightning conductor or having a bag full of spare bits that get fried.   The good news is the house is now painted, inside and out, the bad news is the fridge is off so no cold drinks and we need to wear head torches of a night time.

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