09 September 2010

Its been a while

It has been ages since the last post.  Mostly due to work and more work. 
We have moved house.  Not too far from the old MW8 house but this time into a flat.  
I have set up a new office, a stone's throw from the flat so cmmuting is a cinch.
The boys have had their summer holidays and are now back at school. 
Nuch has a new job as a medical interpreter (Cantonese, English and Thai) working mostly in the government hospitals.
Poor old Garfield the cat has gone to that special cat place in the sky.  Sadly missed but not to be replaced. 
Man Kok Tsui has been somewhat sidelined due to lack of cash for renovation works but the inside and the outside of the main building are now paiinted and clean and rather fortunately there is no sign of any water leakage so hopefully all the digging and repairing of the slope abehind the house has been worthwhile.  In the pictures here you can see the lemon grass has grown and established itself as has the kafir lime trees (just inside the garden area).
Next on the list is to brick up the open roofed area to make a more sheltered stitting out area, then add a canopy roof to the front of the main building.  Once that is done we can finish off the electrics and the plumbing and we are done. 
We have discovered a fresh water spring right outside the house wher the water literally comes out of the rock face.  Sweet, clear and cool to drink. 
What else?   Nope, that's about it.

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