18 January 2010

2010 - Back to it.

Painting the House Pink: Eager to sort out the house before the summer heat begins to build up and the rains set in, we have started painting the exterior of the house.  Most of the preparatory work was done last year so Saturday was spent brushing down and scraping off the few remaining old and flaky paint scraps and then resealing the walls with a very sticky sealant and Sunday was spent painting the outside pink.   Although we have never done this before we have actually made a half decent job.   Next weekend, weather permitting we will add a second coat of paint and finish off by highlighting the windows and eaves in a second darker colour.

We have internet access: Unable to have broadband cable connectivity, (probably due to the fact that we are about three miles form the nearest telephone exchange and quite literally are the only household likely to ask for broadband in this area ever again) we have managed to connect up using 3G wireless networking.   The bandwidth is sufficient to stream music, surf the net and send emails etc. but video calls so far have been a little shaky.   Hopefully by hooking up the 3G USB modem to a 3G wireless router (to be installed higher up the hill in the new building) we can pick up a clearer signal and share our wireless network coverage for 300m or more, allowing multiple users via one USB modem link rental.   If it goes to plan we may look at installing a PTZ webcam so viewres to this blog can enjoy our views.

The new office:  Our empire has just increased with the addition of a second building.   This one will probably have one of the most enviable views in Hong Kong.  Set higher up the hill behind the house it has full views across the bay, taking in the Western corner of Hong Kong island, around to Lamma and the Sokos islands (albeit when the haze clears) and across to the mountains behind Mui Wo.  You can just make out the office in hidden in the trees in the top right corner of the last (bottom right) picture below.   We will need to do some gardening around it to clear away the overgrown trees and bushes and give it a lick of paint but other than that it is good to go, no damp, no leaks and hooked up to electricity all ready.

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