29 October 2009


Since 09 August I have been making a concerted effort to do some exercise and after dusting off my push bike, giving it a bit of an oil and a service I have suddenly become quite fond of cycling.

In May this year I had really piled on the pounds and now the efforts of the cycling and Nuch's refusal to feed me to bursting point, the effects are showing through. So far 33 pounds of flab have been shed and I have pedaled myself over nearly 1000 kms.
My first outing was a real shocker. After 45 minutes I was floored, I had used up all my gears and was done in. I could hardly turn the pedals.
Luckily, things are steadily improving. I have managed to cycle up to Pak Kung Au (the top of the pass between Cheung Sha and Tung Chung (although not without stopping) and I am seeing my averages times climbing and my heart rate descending. All good signs.

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