30 June 2009

Its slowly appearing

Its odd how just seeing some tiles being cemented onto a bare wall can start to pull a project together. This week we hope to have the bathroom and the kitchen both tiled and ready for the fixtures and fittings. We have all ready had one calamity when the well meaning workers cut a hole through the tiles and the wall to accept the shower pipe. What was not accounted for was the fact we need two pipes, one for hot water and one for cold water. So off with the rather expensive tile, etc. etc. No complaints though. These things happen.

Picture on left is the bathroom, the area on the floor not tiled is where the shower stall will be placed. If you look closely you can see the offending hole in the tiles j(three tiles up) from floor level. The other hole (one tile up on right side) is correct and will be used for the sink fittings.
The other picture is of the kitchen space. The kitchen will be open plan and open directly onto the covered living space. The tiling is correct but looks a little odd. We have used cheaper and smaller tiles to cover the walls in areas that will be hidden by the kitchen cabinets and cupboards. Once all the kitchen fittings are installed only the larger, oblong shaped tiles will be left in view.
The unfinished brickwork corner will be continued up to provide some shelter and screen off where the fridge will stand within the kitchen area. Its hard to imagine I know.
The roof structure is basically a canopy roof that will later be lifted up a further two feet to allow greater height for air circulation by ceiling fans inside and will be decorated / covered over on the underside with tongue and groove wood slats to hide from view the iron support beams and the electrical wiring that will need to be thrown over.

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caravan looks good.
Daughter off to HK with school on Tuesday 14th