25 June 2009

Home Delivery - Lantau Style

Getting things delivered to Lantau is troublesome enough as there is only one road and to use it every vehicle must have a special permit. To get a permit your business or home must be on Lantau. In other words, everything has to come via a Lantau carrier or by boat. Believe it or not boat delivery is cheaper and often times quicker!
Once landed, the next problem of course is getting your shopping home. Not so hard if your home is near the dock side but if like us you choose to live on the end of a remote peninsula, at the endd of a rather narrow and steep path, it's more of a head scratcher.
Luckily we have the pier at Man Kok Tsui so we re load everything onto a sampan (or as much as will fit onboard) and off we go again. Its true we have to time everything to the tides and then hand carry everything from the pier across the beach to the house and walking on soft sand carrying bags of cement is no fun but it will soon all be worth it.

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