17 March 2017

New additions to the menagerie

Spring time is certainly upon us.   The cockatiels have successfully hatched 3 of their clutch of 5 eggs.    In January they had had a trial run and laid 4 eggs, none of which turned out to be fertile.   We closed off the nest box to let them have a rest but soon discovered that we had not closed it off well enough as the sneaky birds had managed to get back in and lay a second clutch.  

Here is Dad guarding the nest while Mum is out feeding.

And here he is again, this time with a tiny, newly hatched chick sticking out from under his wing.

Chick number 1, aged 5 days.  
The eyes are still closed but you can see it will not be long before they begin to open. caption

Chicks number 2 and 3, aged 3 and 2 days.   They are much much smaller and delicate.   They are a bit tangled up but you can just make out their heads on the left side of the picture.

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