14 June 2015

New Territories Primary School Swimming Competition

This year was Arthur's last year at the primary schools competition as he moves on up to secondary school next term.   Despite breaking the Islands District 50m record in 2014 and 2015, the elusive New Territories record remained just out of his reach.   Matthew on the other hand has two more years to beat his brother's records. 

Here they are with the New Territories regional combined points trophy for fourth place (just squeezed out of third by one point)   Not bad for a very small district with only 12 schools when competing against other districts with 50 or more schools to select a team from.


This video is the 50m final, Arthur is in lane 2.   A great race but with less than 0.5 seconds between 3rd and 5th places, I reckon for the next big competition he needs to let his nails grow longer.  

50m Freestyle winners (Arthur 4th)
4 x 50m Freestyle winners (3rd place)
Districts' combined points winners  (4th place)

Well done boys and well done Islands' District too.

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