14 January 2015

Crested Goshawk preying on cockatiels in Tai Mei Tuk

Actual photo of the guilty bird
Crested Goshawk (stock photo)
This hungry but magnificent Crested Goshawk was photographed by a friend who lives in Tai Mei Tuk near Tai Po in the New Territories.      The bird has so far throttled two cockatiels and a love bird that were being kept in cages outside.   The cages were each hung under a car port and were covered on three sides by the usual cotton cloth covers.    It may be the goshawk is either a resident or a passage migrant and will soon move on but only time will tell.  Guess the goshawk heard them singing and hunted them down.   Presumably it flew upto the cages, pushed a foot through and grabbed the bird inside but could not drag it through the bars.   It is fantastic to have such real wildlife on the doorstep but not so good for tweety pie and his pals.

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