06 October 2014

Hong Kong Fin Swimming - October Championships

Since joining the "Silvery Sharks" Finswimming Club last year the boys have really improved their swimming.   This month the competitions were held in Ma On Shan.   Both Matthew and Arthur came home with medals for their efforts.  Well done boys...

Matthew took Silver in his age group's 50m relay and Bronze in the 50m mono fin but due to his Dad's advice of not going too fast too soon he misjudged it all and cold not catch them up.   He has however avowed never to listen to my advice ever again.  
A true sportsman's smile!
School Team ma
Arthur on the other hand, still basking presumably from his China exploits in the summer when he swam with the Hong Kong team in the China National Youth Championships, was his usual laconic self and did just enough to win gold in his age group, 4 x 50m relay and 400m bi fin and silver in 200m and 400m mono fin (I think).  He has an uncanny ability to swim like he is not trying and keep himself exactly half a centimetre in front of the competition and no more.   I do admit to getting few school reports that were worded similar, "Does well but could do more if he applied himself."   But to be fair to him he certainly applied himself in the last race of the day and showed his speed in the 50m relay when as the last swimmer and in throe place by two or three metre he powered past the two leaders to take first place.    

Have to say well done to the other Silvery Shark swimmers too.   Amalea and Ethan did brilliantly entering their first swimming competition and they really swam their hearts out.   And after swimming together in their 50m relay race and winning gold, they and their teammates had to do it all again when the race was rerun after every team did a false start.   However, they won through again and just like Arthur, Ethan swam like a demon to pull his team from third to first.   Exciting stuff to watch too.   What was also great to see was the number of children from Mui Wo School who are getting active in the sport too.
Marcus and his Mum
Amalea and Ethan

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