02 January 2012

What on earth is going on?

Sadly our neighbours have decided to make a fish farm at Man Kok Tsui.  The land us is designated as for agricultural purposes only, fish farming not being agriculture noone is quite sure what is going to happen.  Suffice to say there are diggers everywhere and pallets of cement and bricks have been delivered and line up along the beach.  An area of about 500 square meters has been completely flattened, all the trees removed and a huge hole is being dug down into the sand. 

Its a real mess and a real shame, however there is light at the end of the tunnel as yesterday two reporters were on hand taking photos and asking questions.  They told me that they will check the land use carefully before approaching the government to ask what is going on.   If the works are found to be illegal then the work will be stopped and someone will have to put it all back to how it was.   I only hope that the do this quickly.

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