07 May 2011


The pictures are not too clear as they were taken with the iphone but a swarm of bees tried to set up residence in a tree outside the office today.  The third swarm this week (or possibly the same one, who knows?)  Just grateful that the neighbouring farmer was able to sort them out.  He basically appeared with a wicker hat that had a cloth bag sewn around it with a draw string.  He shinned up the tree, gently put the hat on the top of the swarm, lit a cigarette and then began to knock the bees with a small leafy twig so they crawled / flew up into the hat.  Ten minutes later the bees had all moved up into  the hat.   Ten minutes after that he took the hat down, pulled the draw string tight and carried the swarm away.  Amazingly, only one sting!   From what I could understand he takes the swarm into the forest and then releases it.  I strongly suspect however that a wok, some rice and hot oil is more of a likely outcome for them,
Just grateful

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