24 September 2009

What's new?

We have had a busy couple of months.
  1. The boys are now settled back into school life after nearly three months of summer holidays (Swine flu - thank you)
  2. The kitchen has been delivered and fitted at Man Kok Tsui, or at least it has been fitted by a blind man and the sighted carpenter is returning this weekend to sort out the mess.
  3. We have had two more typhoons, one of which managed to deliver up possibly the largest collection of polystyrene known to have floated on the sea.
  4. The dog's had a haircut.
  5. We are now the proud owners of five, yes five, sit on top canoes, all of which require some DIY to make them seaworthy.
  6. I have discovered the joys of cycling and am wearing a groove out on the road surface between Tung Chung and Disneyland, more on that later.
  7. Nuch has enrolled in Chinese writing classes
  8. Nuch has successfully trained as a medical interpreter, Thai, Laos, Cantonese and English.
  9. Matthew still refuses to learn to ride a bicycle without stablisers.
  10. Photos to follow

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