21 May 2009

The renovations speed up

Over the last two or three weeks we have made some vast progress in getting our little house sorted out.
  • The ground to the front has been completely cleared as far out as the river and all the scrub and weeds removed. Naturally that entailed Nuch's skills in buring large quantities of leaves and dead wood.
  • The ground to the side of the path was dug out which led to the rather disappointing dicovery that what we thought was just a pile of dead leaves to clear away turned out to be a pile of dead leaves to clear away AND about twenty years worth of trash from outboard engine covers, to chairs to polythene sheeting to clothes, to flip flops, you name it, it was there.
  • The ground behind the house has been cleared back to bare earth and we have discovered another broken down house as well as some steps!
  • The house windows are ready to be removed and new ones have been measured and ordered.
  • The internal doors have been enlarged to a more modern height, they were less than 5 foot eight high before. New doors are on order.
  • A new front door is on the way
  • The inside of the house has been stripped back to barre walls and all the cracks and hoels refilled and patched up ready for plastering.
  • An order is in for the new wiring
  • An order is on the way for a new internal roof (tongue and groove wood planking)
  • A cost is underway for a new floor to be laid, this time using wood rather than concrete.
  • The concrete guttering to the front has been hacked back and all the old weakened struts removed.
  • All the cement has been lugged up the beach as has about two hundred weight of sand.
  • Hopefully within the month it will all be finished!!!!!!!!! Well at least the main house will be

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